Stochastic Printing vs. Conventional Printing Halftone Dot Comparison

Stochastic Printing vs. Conventional Printing

FM, AM, XM, Hybrid, Staccato, Segundo, stochastic, conventional, 200 lpi, 175 lpi, 20 micron, 10 micron, first order, second order; what is the difference between stochastic printing vs. conventional printingRead the rest

Stochastic Printing vs Conventional Printing Process Grayscale

Stochastic Printing Process Renders Larger CMYK Gamut

Stochastic printing process ability to produce a larger CMYK color gamut is one of the best secrets to producing high quality color on press.

Conventional halftones, often referred to as … Read the rest

lenticular printing effects - read more

WOW! 5 Lenticular Printing Effects You’ve Never Seen Before

You’re simply beginning to understand the facility of lenticular printing, however, do you know all of the choices you have got for printing artistic lenticular prints?

Here are 5 … Read the rest

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