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Determining ROI on Print Marketing Material

I’ve been researching QR codes for the last six months and I have come to conclusion about how they can benefit you in your marketing efforts. QR codes, short for quick response, are gaining popularity at a fast rate and that’s beneficial to all of us in the marketing business.

QR codes are scanned by smart phones. Visit: in your mobile browser and automatically download QR Code reader software.

Studies show that by 2012, shipments of smart phones will exceed personal computers and all phones will be data-capable.

What does this mean? It means you need to have a presence in mobile marketing right now and QR codes are the link between offline marketing and online marketing.

By placing QR codes on your printed marketing material, you now have an effective way of determining the ROI of your print marketing campaign. There are many clever uses of QR codes in print. The main take-away of using these 2-D codes is that once they are scanned from a cell phone, they will direct the user to a landing page where they are prompted with a special offer or call-to-action. By creating effective landing pages, the visitor is now engaged with your product or service and is converted from a visitor to a lead and is now within your sales funnel.

It’s imperative that you have a mobile version of your website for your landing pages. You want to make sure that the visitor has a pleasant experience and embraces the new technology; it will boost the engagement with your brand.

Here’s the ROI: the landing pages with be tracked with your web analytics account. You will have first hand statistics on how effective these codes have reached out to prospects and have converted into leads for your salesforce. In return, you have built an initial experience with a prospective client and have built a foundation that you are an expert in your field.

By simply adding QR’s to your print marketing material, you are extending a form of engagement with your prospects with minimal investment.

What are your plans with QR codes in your print marketing?