WOW! 5 Lenticular Printing Effects You’ve Never Seen Before

You’re just starting to realize the power of lenticular printing, but did you know all the options you have for printing creative lenticular prints?

Here are five lenticular printing effects:

Fall color change with lenticular printing
By flipping the card front-to-back, the leaves change color to further emphasize the marketing message.







Lenticular effects: Flip

The simplest of all animation effects, it involves an image change, or flip, from one image to the next. A lenticular flip allows up to three separate images to be combined and viewed independently when viewed at different angles while moving the lenticular lens. Flip images are the most basic, however they can produce the most dramatic effects.

Lenticular effects: 3D Depth

The illusion of depth and distance between elements from the foreground to background. 3D depth is created by following the theory of parallax. Our brain compares the different views from our right and left eyes creating a three-dimensional visual.

Lenticular effects: Morph

Lenticular morph effect gradually changes one image to another image. Although any two objects can be morphed, the technology works best when the two images are similar in shape and on a common background.

Lenticular effects: Zoom

Zooming is the effect of an image appearing to move closer or farther away in a series of animated positions. The effect works best when the background is common throughout all of the animated images, and has been designed with a looping of the image with no obvious start or finish.

Lenticular effects: Motion/Video/Animation

Motion/Video/Animation uses multiple frames of an action showing movement from its beginning to end. It is very much like watching a movie clip, but on a medium that requires no power. This effect is best optimized when the background remains constant throughout the sequence. Typically this requires the source to be animation, video or sequenced still images.

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