This site is for you to learn and share techniques and ideas to produce optimum color in print, SEO and mobile marketing. The digital era produces images from all sorts of devices and color is subjective. Color Management is a very complex process. Creating successful files for print is the key to quality printing. I will share with you all the ingredients in producing great color. As I have always done in the past, I will create files for your printing; at no charge.


Color is our passion. Color engages and subconsciously influences our decision making.  We create amazing printed material that create emotions and crafted websites that build engagement and influence visitor behavior. We create content that people will share and build search engine optimization (SEO) with search engines. Mobile marketing is the next level of client engagement.

Inspire Action.


Everything we do, print or web, we believe in producing the best color in the world. We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We believe in innovation. We believe in engagement.

Think Outside The Gamut.


HiDefColor is an all-in-one creative marketing agency that just happens to know a thing-or-two about marketing technology.

How can we help you?

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