UV Soft Touch Coating and Spot Gloss UV Coating

Finger feeling Spot Gloss UV coating

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Soft Touch aqueous has been a huge hit in the Design community, but wait till you feel UV Soft Touch coating! By applying Soft Touch coating and curing with UV (ultraviolet) energy, a more durable Soft Touch sensory effect is achieved. The result from curing Soft Touch coating with UV energy is no streaking, higher scuff resistance and a more velvet sensation. UV Soft Touch coating is a great way to create that special experience to your design initiative and make your design more innovative. Fabrics, fruit, product simulations and flooring designs are perfect for UV Soft Touch.

Spot Gloss UV coating is a perfect way to demonstrate very high contrasts differences in your design. Spot Gloss UV coating is applied similar to varnish only that the coating is ‘cured’ by UV (ultraviolet) energy. UV energy is a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is not visible to the human eye. We really don’t need to get into that conversation, we just know it looks really cool when it’s applied to great color!!

Applying UV Soft Touch coating can be challenging for a commercial printer. UV Soft Touch coating is a two part mixture. A commercial printer will have issues running UV Soft Touch coating on an irregular schedule basis. Between filling up the minimum amount in the coating unit (usually 5 gallons) and keeping the two part mixture agitated consistently, the coating will streak and cause other quality concerns. These issues are why commercial printers will have to schedule Soft Touch coating runs  spread out over many days and charging the client for ordering minimum amounts to fill the coating unit.

Get your ideas rolling now on how you can take advantage of these new coating techniques and create the sensation of feel to your design….

UV Soft Touch coating is a great alternative to printing on expensive touché paper stocks that are in high demand, but not too many can fit into their printing budgets.

Have you felt UV soft touch or spot gloss UV before? Please leave your comments below…


  1. I was told that you cannot do a soft touch uv on an offline coater. Is this true? If not, can you give me some insight as to which manufactures make a coating for offline coaters.

  2. Where can I find the Touche’ UV coating material? Is there a specific brand or industry name/

  3. Hello,

    Is there a way to tell if something is UV coated? VS aqueous or lacquer, etc? I have samples of something I would like to replicate but I am having trouble figuring out what type of coating is applied over the print.



    looking for “touche paper , pre cut to size of 4.4×5”
    do you know where i can obtain the touche paper?

    1. Hi Helen,

      You can try XPEDX paper stores that are located throughout the country. I am not sure that they have the touche paper line, but it is a retail store that you can walk in and purchase. I can tell you that the smallest size paper they carry is 8.5×11.


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