Free Color Correction Will Make You Hungry

Everyday to Gourmet

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As an introduction to, I am offering free color correction services to trigger emotional responses to your print/web marketing production.

Drop me a note to take advantage of this free color service and improve your marketing effectiveness.

For a visual comparison:

George Mokbel Everyday Gourmet Plate
Original image in camera raw format.
George Mokbel Everyday Gourmet Plate
Same image with HiDefColor correction free service.

Which dish would you order?

  1. Boosted contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness. (or along those lines) These are also possible within acr.

    Or is there a more complex formula, color algorithm you’re marketing?

    1. Those are some of the adjustments that were done, but they were done automatically from the camera raw file. There are many automatic adjustments that can be made to save a lot of valuable time. Also, lens distortion, vignetting, noise reduction, and film effects can also be done to enhance your images.

      These are some of the benefits I offer for free as a print provider.

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