Installing Printer Profiles (MAC): Where Do These Files Go?

installing printer profile control patch mac

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Today’s VIDEO will explain installing printer profiles so they will load correctly into Adobe Photoshop. Take the first step in discovering how to soft-proof your CMYK images in your display or get the best CMYK conversions.

BTW, this all starts with a calibrated monitor.

You’re on your way to a color managed workflow!

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[learn_more caption=”Transcript of Video” state=”open”] Hi. This is Rick Rys from

00:05 Today we’re going to demonstrate installing printer profiles into Adobe Photoshop. Now, I have already downloaded a zip file containing the three color printer profiles – ICC printer profiles – and we’re going to unzip and open up the folder. Inside the folder, you will see the three color printer profiles, the GRACoL and SWOP coated printer profiles.

00:28 And from here we’re going to open a new window into the finder and go into the Macintosh hard drive. We’re simply going to follow a path from Macintosh hard drive, to Library, to ColorSync, to Profiles, and importantly, the Recommended folder of profiles

00:49 which will make any ICC aware compliant program will recognize the profile. From here, we’re going to select our three printer profiles and we’re going to drag them into the Recommended folder.

01:03 From here we can simply close are windows and boot up Adobe Photoshop. And once were booting up from scratch, Photoshop will recognize the printer profiles files and load them accordingly.

01:18 So we’re going to go ahead and open an image, use our embedded profile, and just simply go under the proof set up under custom, and then we pull down the window and now we can see our individual profiles are now inside Photoshop and we can do our soft proofing.

01:35 Look for upcoming tutorial on soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop.

01:40 Until next time, take care and have a good day [/learn_more]


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