When RGB is not RGB

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Many creatives may not realize that assigning a color profile can have a major impact on the quality of color reproduction.

sRGB is a “virtual” color space designed for web publishing. Adobe RGB is another “virtual” color space intended for high-end color reproduction. The term “virtual” refers to a generalization of where a prospective monitor will display color. Some monitors will claim they can reproduce the whole Adobe RGB color gamut, while sRGB is known as the common denominator for monitors displaying websites.

It is interesting to know that all web browsers display RGB values in the sRGB color space and HDTV is displayed in sRBG. This is the reason why rich colored images appear flat once they’ve been uploaded to a website. They are most likely tagged with an Adobe RGB profile.

Look for continued posts on the differences, and impacts, of sRGB and Adobe RGB.

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