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Needless to say, I love sports and ESPN. I am a big fan of and visit it almost everyday. I have always been fascinated by their photography and it got me thinking- hmmm Photoshop action script – about how they process images for the website. The photos jump off the screen and far exceed the color quality of rival sites.

My subconscious always directs me back…

So it got me thinking and you’re going to like what i have to share with you! I went ahead and scripted a Photoshop action script that will turn your good photos to great photos. I combined some of my favorite adjustments for you in one simple action in Photoshop. All you need to do is press ‘play’ and it’s all done automatically.

Always process copies of your images in case you are not completely happy with the results and make another effort with compensations.

Installing the Photoshop action script is easy. From inside Photoshop, go to Window/Actions to open the Actions window. In the upper right corner, pull down the drop-down menu and select Load Actions and select the HiDef3 color Photoshop action script. Click the Play button and presto, you’re image is done and ready for placement.

The resulting image is in Adobe RGB and ready to be imported into Adobe InDesign.

Yes, the image is in RGB, however you do not need to convert your images to CMYK. Watch this RGB to CMYK tutorial and automatically convert all your images to CMYK upon exporting press-ready PDF. A remarkable workflow that will save you a tremendous amount of time and improve your color quality on press.

Drop me a note HERE and I will personally send you the HiDefColor Action Script. Or, if you’re in the market for printing, drop me a note and I will help you get the CMYK color you want in your next print project!

Please post your feedback below in comments…

[learn_more caption=”Transcript of Video” state=”open”] Hi. This is Rick Rys from

Today’s tutorial is going be a quick instructional video on using the new Hi Def 3 action scripts within Photoshop to automate your image processing.

00:17 Inside Photoshop CS go under the window and select actions. In the actions window you want to select load actions and navigate to where you downloaded your Hi Def 3 Photoshop action script file.

00:35 Mine here is on the desktop, select the file, click open, and now the actions are ready to be used. So from here we’re going to open a couple of files.

01:02 Now with this action script, this action script will automatically assign Adobe 98 RGB color profile to your images. The Adobe RGB color profile is a much larger color gamut so your colors will be much more vibrant. I do not recommend using this for portrait photography. Use the sRGB color profile for portrait photography.

01:26 I will be uploading an action script Hi Def action script with the sRGB color profile in the next few days. So from here we want to go ahead and ignore the missing profile. The image will be brought in and simply select the Hi Def 3 action script and click the play button.

01:49 You’ll see the process is automatic. We have a much much greater better color balance here we got much more vibrant colors and notice the definition. Inside the images are incredible details. Almost giving the look of three-dimensional look because you can see here that the quarterback here is almost jumping out at you from the background. You see the background here the depth of field is much more greater than the original photograph.

02:22 Let’s take a look back here in our history and look at the old picture. This is what was published but with the simple action script this is what you could have seen. Some people may look at this and say is too sharp. Keep in mind, this is very important, when the image goes into the RIP – raster image processor – in prepress, and gets converted into a screen – with an FM screen we are running – the image automatically will soften up.

02:52 So to give you a better idea, look at it at the sixty-six percent and it will give you an idea of how that actually will look when printed. You can see it’s cleaned up a little more here and again very sharp.

03:04 And compare with the old, to the new, this’ll give you true high definition color in your next printed project. Combine this with the Never Convert to CMYK video at and your images will be saved with the correct RGB profile and converted to CMYK during the export out of InDesign.

03:29 Well, thanks for tuning in. Have a good day. Take care…[/learn_more]


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  1. Looks awesome, seems like it will save me a lot of time than retouching each photo in lightroom. Can you please send me the link, thanks for sharing.

  2. Pinakin Mistry


    I am Pinakin, a graphic designer from India.
    I just go through your article regarding HiDefColor Action Script and I am amazed with the result shown there.

    Kindly requesting you to send me download link for HiDefColor Action Script through may mail id : [email protected]

    Thanks & regards
    Pinakin Mistry

    1. Hello sir
      Again requesting you to mail download link for hidefination Photoshop action / script​ at earliest

      Best regards

  3. Hi Nedd, the video of the HD script is really impressing! I’d love to get it too, if yous till share it.
    Could you send it to me ?
    Thumbs up for your great blog, i’m learning a lot of it.

      1. Antonio Castelluzzo

        Ho apprezzato molto i tuoi tutorials e ti faccio i miei complimenti.
        Can you send me: your Hi Def 3 Photoshop action script file?
        thank you very much.

  4. Hi Rick – Did you specifically develop the Hi-Res Script to help with RGB to CMYK conversions? Does it help the image look more like the RGB after conversion? Thanks, Richard

  5. Good evening,

    I have recently changed jobs and now working at a place where time is even more of the essence so would love to see your Hi-Def Photoshop Action Script in action and evaluate the results.

    Many thanks,


  6. Hello Rick,
    thanks for sharing Hi-Def script. I use it for art like portrait photography and tweak a bit some details.Results are fantastic!It is like show me the path in which I could develop my lightning set on location,photography technique and Photoshop technique.Above all gave me new artistic viewpoints.When I see first results it was: “Woow, yes that’s the way to develop”! Thank you kindly and greetings from Croatia.

  7. Just ran across this page and would love your action looks amazing I am new to photography and have been working on my edits this looks great as a short cut Thanks

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Certainly! Just click the link in the story above and send me a note. Otherwise you can email me rick(at)hidefcolor(dot)com and I will be sure to send it to you. Don’t forget to share it!


  8. Follow the Link in the description underneath the video. It will be under the About tab if it’s not showing. I can’t put the link in the comments.

    Let me know if this works for you…

  9. This is an awesome script! I use this now in replace some of my other complicated actions. Thanks for the great work!

  10. Muy bueno su trabajo.
    Me encantaria tener la accion (Hi-Def Photoshop Action Script)
    Muchas gracias

  11. The script result looks great very kind of you to send me one ( I have sent a separate request).can not wait to receive it and see the results

    All The best

  12. Thanks a million for the post Rick! This action script works wonders on enhancing photos and trims the fat off the work load…good stuff!

  13. Very nice work, Rick. It took me 2 minutes from receiving your email to first image converted. It looks stunning. As you say, the colors are richer, contrast enhanced without blocking shadows, and sharp at 100%.

  14. This action is really cool. I ran it on a tractor and it came out really good. Can’t wait to run it on other things. I appreciate it

  15. Thanks! You can help me by +1 on the website. The address is in the description beneath the video….Thank You!

  16. Hi Edgar. The action script is available from the website. The address is in the Description below the video…

  17. I’ve been learning postprocessing and I love the result of your works especially that particular action script.
    Anyway, tnx a lot for sharing and looking forward for next videos 🙂

  18. hmmm….i made the action script to make it easy and didn’t think of explaining it in detail, however i will consider it for the future

  19. Wow. The colors really pop after using this script! I use Photoshop CS6 and from what I can see it does appear to give a nice 3D effect. I’ve noticed it especially works well with photos that have a focused foreground only (unfocused background). I look forward utilizing this action in future projects that require extra visual impact. Thanks for sharing your very useful knowledge Rick!

  20. Hi, Im a new subscriber and I love your works. Can you teach us how to manually post process that kind of photo with the same result without using the action script?

  21. Hi, this is awesome. Awesome work.
    Can you please tell me where or how I can get that action?
    I haven’t been able to find it on the site.

    Thanks in advance

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