VIDEO: 3D Printing May Solve Organ Donor Crisis

3D printing of human kidney

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Where will printing take us next? The future of print is brighter than some may think.

3D Printing is a new and exciting development in the world of inkjet technology. It works on the premise of printing 3D models layer by layer; akin to layer cake.

In the case of creating human organs, the sequence of layers is derived from MRI scans ensuring the exact dimensions of the replacement organ. The human cells are harvested form the recipient and stored in an ‘oven’ that replicates the environment of the human body, from temperature to oxygen levels. The living cells are then ‘printed’ with the data from the MRI scan. Instead of printing with ink, the printer is printing with human cells. Truly fascinating!

So the question needs to be asked, can we grow organs instead of transplanting them?

Surgeon Anthony Atala demonstrates an experimental process where organ donor replacement may be on the way of being solved. His customized 3D printer demonstrates the production of a human kidney. It is noted that this technology is in its early infancy, but one cannot think of the potential of true human heroes and their passion for helping others.

Forward to 7:18 for printing demonstration

Could this technology have helped one of your loved ones?

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