VIDEO: Digital Dimensional Printing Files – RGB workflow

Digital Dimensional Printing file preparation - RGB workflow

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This VIDEO tutorial will demonstrate how to create files in Adobe Photoshop CS for Digital Dimensional Printing. This tutorial will focus on the process of using an RGB workflow for Digital Dimensional Printing.

Digital Dimensional Printing is a raised, high gloss, spot coating that is applied inline on our digital printing presses. Digital Dimensional Printing creates textures to your printed designs. Digital Dimensional Printing provides a very unique marketing advantage to your printed collateral.

An RGB workflow will save you a lot of time while not having to convert your images to CMYK. Not only will you save time, not converting to CMYK, but you will not have multiple files of the same image, saving valuable disk space.

These settings will ensure print-ready PDFs for faster turnaround times and no output errors in prepress; perfect for using online color printing.

What are some of your ideas for dimensional printing? Please leave your comments below…


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