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  1. It’s cool, but from a production stand point very costly. There’s a LOT of development going on behind that app, but it’s the platform that’s the real loser here – think about it…. How’s well is that thing going to work when you pull it out of the glove box in the middle of February in Michigan when it’s 5° above 0 outside??? Or in Minnesota when it’s below 0? It’ll be DEAD! Then when you can’t use the damn thing with gloves on you’ll be wishing you HAD the printed book in the first place. Plus the glass will fog up and short out once the moisture gets inside, or get completely baked by 120°+ heat in the middle of an Arizona afternoon in July. In short, an iPad device is not built to be road-worthy.

    It’s a fad. Yes it’s very cool and very entertaining and eye-catching. But try to use it in a hurry as you try to figure out how to turn off the traction control feature and you’ll be cursing the company that made the thing in the first place.

    That’s one BIG thing I’ve observed about ALL APPS on smart phones and pads, is that they are NO GOOD for emergencies or any time you are in a hurry.

    in short, PRINT WILL NEVER DIE.

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