WOW! 5 Lenticular Printing Effects You’ve Never Seen Before

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You’re simply beginning to understand the facility of lenticular printing, however, do you know all of the choices you have got for printing artistic lenticular prints?

Here are 5 lenticular printing results:

Lenticular printing showing the changing fall colors
By flipping the card front-to-back, the leaves change color to further emphasize the marketing message.

Lenticular results: Flip

The easiest of all animation results, it includes a picture change, or flip, from one picture to the subsequent. A lenticular flip permits as much as three separate pictures to be mixed and seen independently when seen at totally different angles whereas shifting the lenticular lens. Flip photographs are probably the most primary, nevertheless they will produce probably the most dramatic results.

Lenticular results: 3D Depth

The phantasm of depth and distance between parts from the foreground to background. 3D depth is created by following the idea of parallax. Our mind compares the totally different views from our proper and left eyes making a three-dimensional visible.

Lenticular results: Morph

Lenticular morph impact steadily modifications one picture to a different picture. Although any two objects may be morphed, the know-how works greatest when the 2 pictures are comparable in form and on a standard background.

Lenticular results: Zoom

Zooming is the impact of a picture showing to maneuver nearer or farther away in a collection of animated positions. The impact works greatest when the background is widespread all through all the animated photographs, and has been designed with a looping of the picture with no apparent begin or end.

Lenticular results: Motion/Video/Animation

Motion/Video/Animation makes use of a number of frames of an motion displaying motion from its starting to finish. It could be very very similar to watching a film clip, however on a medium that requires no energy. This impact is greatest optimized when the background stays fixed all through the sequence. Typically this requires the supply to be animation, video or sequenced nonetheless photographs.

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  1. I am developing a treatment for a motion lentcular. I have a sample containing 80-120 frames. I’m planning on shooting imagery with a 4k camera with a high frame rate. I’ll preselect the needed frames from the original footage and layer in photoshop. I’m trying to find substrate that is thick enough to handle the 80 plus images. Also want to find a high resolution printer that can be purchased to do “one offs”.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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