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We’ve all been talking about cross-media publishing for the last fifteen years or so. I know it’s been on my radar for a long time. Finally, there really is a great form of cross-media publishing that really is quite simple and very effective to your marketing strategies.

The answer: QR Codes.

QR codes are scanned by smart phones. Visit: in your mobile browser and automatically download QR Code reader software.

QR stands for ‘quick response’ and is a clever way of engaging your prospects through traditional print marketing materials. This call-to-action is used to convert leads into customers through a mobile device or smart phone.

2011 The Year of Mobile Marketing.

How to participate in explosion of Mobile Marketing? QR Codes!

Some of the facts are a bit astounding and misinformed:

  • Currently only 25% of population uses a smart phone
  • IPhone, Android and Blackberry are in a dead heat for market share
  • Android has captured over 40% of smart phone users who have purchased in last 6 months
  • HTML 5 will increase the use of Mobile Web – without the need to develop expensive Apps
  • Mobile Web search is twice as prevalent as personal computer search
  • Mobile Web search is used to find information quickly, compare pricing and decision making
  • 33% of Mobile Web searches are local
  • 70% of Mobile Web searches lead to action within 1 hour
  • 70% of personal computer searches lead to action within 1 month

What is the takeaway from this? Make sure your website is mobile friendly and use QR Codes to expand your market share without much overhead.

What is your mobile marketing strategy? Please leave your comments below…


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