How These Cute Little Guys Are Effecting Your SEO

Panda and Penguin Google Algorithm Update

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Yes, penguins and pandas sure are cute, but in search marketing, they are cute little animals you want nothing to do with.

Panda and Penquin are two of the larger algorithm changes that Google has recently applied to their search results. In essence, Panda is penalizing websites that display too many advertisements ‘above the fold’ and for ‘duplicating content’ across multiple domains. The algorithm uses artificial intelligence, learned from human behavior, to monitor high and low quality websites that build trust with visitors.

The Penguin update is penalizing websites for over-optimization, or keyword stuffing and cloaking, amongst others. In the past, many websites have benefited from over-optimization, especially anchor text, by fooling the search algorithm with multiple use of keywords and cloaking. Cloaking occurs when a search engine spider is fooled or tricked by content that would not be served up to the user in their browser.

Remember – You are Google’s customer and their goal is to provide you with the best experience possible while providing what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Always create great content that people will return to and recommend through social sharing.

These algorithm updates have made ‘pay-per-click’ more beneficial than organic listings.

Can you see where this is going????

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