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Four Color Televisions? Really??


When i first saw this commercial I laughed. What will they try to sucker us into next?


How do they think they are going to take an RGB signal, therefore RGB color gamut, and create more pixel information and re-create more of an image that was never there to begin with?

My guess is they’re taking the red and green signals and just amplifying the two together to create more yellow. This will alter the white point, or color temperature, of the screen and never match any color.

How can you add an additional color to additive color theory? What will the additive color purists think?

Most people, however, prefer a blue/white appearance because if appears brighter. We have all seen this case with paper for commercial color printing. Optical brightening agents in paper manufacturing create the blue/white finish of paper. The paper ‘appears’ brighter, but in reality it’s just ‘bluer’.

In the subtractive color world, only so much light can be reflected off the surface of the paper. Therefore, if the paper was neutral in ‘whiteness’ it would appear dirty with more yellow being added instead of blue.

Inkjet printers now use as many as 12 colors to create beautiful color prints. This is understandable because using just CMYK can not create the same gamut as RGB.

Personally, I would rather have a sharper image with great contrast over ‘cartoon’ color.

What do you think?

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I’m Lovin it….How I lost 39 pounds eating at McDonalds

Super size me? Really?

Yes, it’s true; 39 pounds and counting. I only have 4 pounds to go to hit my goal.

One sausage burrito and large drink for breakfast and free Wi-Fi makes for a great start to the day. Late lunch consists of Mc Chicken (light mayo, minus half bun) and large drink. My drink of choice is 1/3 lemonade, 1/3 ice tea and water – just enough caffeine to get me going. Drinking light Arnold Palmers curbs my appetite for hours, especially 6 large cups a day….

I guess there are some good things that come from this economy….thanks Mc Donalds!

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Writing Code is like Working in a Sausage Factory

How great is this?

A former Apple Engineer tells it like it is…

…after developing this site, i understand what he means…

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The Future of Publishing?

Well said….