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Determining ROI on Print Marketing Material

I’ve been researching QR codes for the last six months and I have come to conclusion about how they can benefit you in your marketing efforts. QR codes, short for quick response, are gaining popularity at a fast rate and that’s beneficial to all of us in the marketing business.

QR codes are scanned by smart phones. Visit: in your mobile browser and automatically download QR Code reader software.

Studies show that by 2012, shipments of smart phones will exceed personal computers and all phones will be data-capable.

What does this mean? It means you need to have a presence in mobile marketing right now and QR codes are the link between offline marketing and online marketing.

By placing QR codes on your printed marketing material, you now have an effective way of determining the ROI of your print marketing campaign. There are many clever uses of QR codes in print. The main take-away of using these 2-D codes is that once they are scanned from a cell phone, they will direct the user to a landing page where they are prompted with a special offer or call-to-action. By creating effective landing pages, the visitor is now engaged with your product or service and is converted from a visitor to a lead and is now within your sales funnel.

It’s imperative that you have a mobile version of your website for your landing pages. You want to make sure that the visitor has a pleasant experience and embraces the new technology; it will boost the engagement with your brand.

Here’s the ROI: the landing pages with be tracked with your web analytics account. You will have first hand statistics on how effective these codes have reached out to prospects and have converted into leads for your salesforce. In return, you have built an initial experience with a prospective client and have built a foundation that you are an expert in your field.

By simply adding QR’s to your print marketing material, you are extending a form of engagement with your prospects with minimal investment.

What are your plans with QR codes in your print marketing?


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What are Those Square Barcodes in Print?

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You’ve seen them everywhere: electronics stores, newspapers, Facebook pages, music promotions, real estate signs, billboards and many other locations. Those funny looking black and white squares that look like something from the future.

Well, the latter is now reality.

Those funny looking square barcodes are called QR codes. QR stands for ‘quick response’ and they will revolutionize how marketers convert prospects into customers.

QR codes are scanned by smart phones. Visit: in your mobile browser and automatically download QR Code reader software.

The two-dimensional barcodes are designed to be scanned by smartphones with QR code reader scanning apps. The resulting scan of the QR code will send the user to a unique ‘landing page’ that will have a special offer for the user. These landing pages can also include videos and other special features relating to the special offer.

QR codes are an excellent way to engage a prospect with your business at very little cost.

Some believe QR codes will become as ubiquitous as other marketing tools as Facebook and Twitter. Consumers will need to feel comfortable with the experience. When they feel comfortable, they will continue to use it.

Studies have shown that just over fifty-percent of Twitter and Facebook users have reported scanning a mobile barcode in 2010. Mobile barcode usage jumped 700% in 2010 compared to 2009, with a huge spike in the holiday season. Firms like BestBuy now include QR codes on all merchandise displays.


QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Boom

A recent study shows that only 25% of consumers own smartphones. What does this mean? There is a huge growth opportunity for smartphones and a major opportunity for marketers. Smartphones will become interchangeable with laptops/computers.

Let’s look at a few facts regarding mobile marketing:

  • search if twice as prevalent on mobile versus a personal computer
  • mobile search is used to find information/specifications/prices for quick decision making
  • one-third of mobile searches are local
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour

What’s the takeaway from this? Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and use QR codes to drive traffic to your website with custom landing pages. Using QR codes in your printed marketing material will grow your business and engage your prospects with your company.

Marketers love data and marketers love making business decisions based on metrics. Many QR code readers will also embed data from users who use QR codes. Information such as operating system, gender, age, location and other demographic information the user submits into their QR code reader software.

More information, better decisions.

How will you use QR codes in your next marketing campaign? Please leave a comment below…


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Uses for QR Codes in Graphic Design

So now that you know how to make money with QR Codes, what’s next?

QR codes are scanned by smart phones. Visit: in your mobile browser and automatically download QR Code reader software.

There are many options to integrate QR Codes into your next design of print collateral. When QR Codes are scanned with QR reader software (through smart phones/mobile devices) recipients are taken to custom landing pages or other call-to-action options.

Let’s begin with the six basic types of QR Codes:

  1. URL – encode URL and share with the world (landing page)
  2. VCard – easily transfer contact information to another user
  3. Message – transfer a simple message or text encoding
  4. Phone – call a unique phone number
  5. SMS – encode an SMS message and recipient phone number
  6. Email – encode an email message along with recipient information

Using the appropriate type of QR Code can make your mobile marketing efforts more effective.

Here are a few examples of my favorites:

Business Cards -recipient scans code to quickly import contact information.

Magazine/Newspaper Ads – scan the code to reveal ‘how-to’ video or further product information

Product Packaging – scan the code for product installation, warranty registry, rebates

Name Tags – scan the code to populate contact info at trade shows

For Sale Signage – scan the code for complete product information, video tour

Product Samples – scan the code for further information, product videos, special offers

Tweet This – scan a code to automatically re-Tweet message

Museum Artwork – scan the code for artist information and special details regarding the artist

Outdoor Billboard – scan the code to see sneak peaks of movie trailers

Takeaway, QR Codes are a great way to supplement your traditional print collateral pieces. Don’t forget to capitalize on the huge mobile marketing explosion with QR codes!

What are some of your ideas for QR Codes?


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Mobile Marketing with QR Codes in Print Collateral

We’ve all been talking about cross-media publishing for the last fifteen years or so. I know it’s been on my radar for a long time. Finally, there really is a great form of cross-media publishing that really is quite simple and very effective to your marketing strategies.

The answer: QR Codes.

QR codes are scanned by smart phones. Visit: in your mobile browser and automatically download QR Code reader software.

QR stands for ‘quick response’ and is a clever way of engaging your prospects through traditional print marketing materials. This call-to-action is used to convert leads into customers through a mobile device or smart phone.

2011 The Year of Mobile Marketing.

How to participate in explosion of Mobile Marketing? QR Codes!