settings for exporting PDF file InDesign for Press

VIDEO: Creating Perfect PDF Files for Press

This VIDEO tutorial will show you settings that will ensure print-ready PDF files for faster turnaround times and no output errors in prepress. Compression settings will ensure quick upload … Read the rest

Preparing files for Digital Dimensional Printing

VIDEO: Digital Dimensional Printing-Coating Files – CMYK workflow

Digital Dimensional Printing is a raised, high gloss, spot coating that is applied inline on our digital printing presses.

 Digital Dimensional Printing creates textures to your printed designs. Digital Dimensional … Read the rest
converting RGB to CMYK

InDesign RGB to CMYK Conversion: No Photoshop Required

This VIDEO tutorial will show you how to automatically convert RGB to CMYK in InDesign, without the use of Photoshop.

Running a color managed workflow has it’s benefits. One of … Read the rest

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing quality comparison

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing: When to Choose and Why?

There are three main considerations in making a decision to use digital printing vs offset printing. Let’s discuss:

  1. Quality. There is little doubt that offset printing is better in
Read the rest
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