Nedd Color Savant
I’m here to help you produce amazing color printing. Bring it!

Nedd (Next Electronic Digital Device) works as a digital prepress manager at a well-known, old school printing company producing amazing color. He battles with his boss about safety and embracing new technology to grow the printing industry until an unfortunate accident.

He is left with just a head.

Upon investigation, it turns out the safety latches were removed from the press so it would run faster, an order from management. These events, needless to say, changed Nedd’s life forever.

Nedd undergoes several medical treatments to save his life. Nedd discovers he now has super-human powers to analyze color, paper and coatings. Nedd has spectrophotometric vision, micrometer caliper fingers and soft touch skin from graphing. Wherever he roams, he leaves a green footprint.

Feeling guilty from his situation, Nedd realizes that ‘with great knowledge must come great color’.

Now a color savant, Nedd’s mission is to rid the world of bad color and to provide the ultimate printing experience. He also enjoys a few drinks along the way: Pantone-coladas!

Relax. You’re printing with Nedd; Nedd knows color.

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Nedd’s Illustrator: Chris Collins


Nedd around town…

Where is Nedd?
Nedd working with his buddy, Most Interesting Man.


where is Nedd and the Beatles
John, Paul, George, Ringo…Nedd?


Nedd loves himself some music with Bob Dylan…

Nedd on his way to see Marsellus
On his way to see Marsellus…


Where is Nedd? Ryder Cup?
Nedd working the Ryder Cup with Tiger and Cigar Man!


Photoshop contest: Where have you seen Nedd working?

Nedd writing blog copy for
Nedd engaged in writing his blog.
Where have you seen Nedd?

Download the PNG by right-clicking, (MAC: control-click) and show us where you’ve seen Nedd working. Be creative, you know what to do. I’m sure you’ve seen other images that may be improved by the presence of Nedd.

Submit your images in the discussion below. Best one gets a special prize…





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